Who Are We

We have been in the Optical Business over forty years. We did eye exams, glasses, contact Lenses, and research in the optical lens field. Now we are helping people get Quality Eye Wear and lenses at a much reduced price. How do we do this? We order right from the manufacturers. This saves money, by cutting out the wholesalers, exporters, importers, and local wholesalers. In this way you get Quality and Save a lot of Money.



At the top of the page, chose FRAMES

The next page shows a prescription frame, and how to get your frame measurements


THE WELCOME TO GLASSES SAVE MONEY PAGE Lets you pick Prescription Frames, or Designer Frames.

Scroll around, and see what you like. Now go to Designer frames and have another look. When you see a frame you want, click on the frame, or options and it will show it larger. The more you click the bigger it gets. Some frames only come in one size, others more sizes.

When you find the one you like, fill out the Doctors prescription. It may just have a Sphere, or it may have a Sphere, cylinder, and Axis.

Pupillary distance Is the distance between the center of each pupil. Sometimes on Bifocals you have two P D s If you don’t have it phone your Dr. or wherever you got your last glasses and ask for it. You can measure it your self. Take a ruler, in millimetres, Stand in front of a mirror, and about 18 inches away and measure from the center of one pupil to the center of the other. Or, it is sometimes easier to have a friend do it.

After adding your prescription, go to Basic lenses. And pick your thickness. Sphere powers above three should use thinner lenses., like 1.59, or 1.67.

Then go to Lens Coatings
Here you chose the one that suits your needs, for work or pleasure.

You then go to Lens Tints

Almost every prescription lens should have an antireflection coating. Not only does it cut reflections, but it lets your friends see your eyes through your glasses. Transitions are also a must, for sun protection. They are clear inside, and go progressively darker outside, depending on the amount of light, and temperature. Sunlight over time causes Cataracts, by frosting the lens of the eyes. Also, you can reduce your Night vision. Even one hour in the sun, can bleach out the Rhodopsin in your eyes. This can take up to three days to get back to normal. You loose about one third of your night vision.

Why Order Glasses From Us

It is simple. We give you Quality Glasses and the same Eye Glass Prescription you would get at your Optometrist, FOE A LOT LESS MONEY!


Prescription Frame Size

How to see the size of the frames you are wearing. See the diagram on page two.

These measurements must be in Millimetres, not inches. Most frames will have the measurements on the Inside of the ear piece or temple. If you look closely, {sometimes you can use a magnifier} because the print is small on some Prescription frames. You will see frame size, bridge size, and temple size. In this case it is 50-20-135. If your prescription Eyeglasses do not have all the sizes, you can you can measure them with a tape, or ruler. Remember, they must be in MILLIMETERS. 


If you are using Bifocal lenses, first go to:
Bifocal type Monostep [have a line], Progressives have no line. These have three areas of site, top middle, and reading. Remember, when using a bifocal to read, keep your head still, and drop your eyes down to the reading area. Next go to 

Bifocal Add.
It is usually the same for each eye. 

Lastly, add your Coatings and Tints. Transitions, and tints on prescription lenses, are more expensive, because they are more complicated. 


Here you will se the frame you chose, and the price. Then you will see the lens price. If you are happy with your choices, go to CHECK OUT.

YOU just saved a lot of money!

If it is a bit expensive, hit the back button, and change your frame, or find less expensive options. Or hit remove and find a less expensive option to keep it in your price range. 

If you want more than one pair of prescription lenses, hit CHOOSE ANOTHER FRAME
You are saving so much money you can get a distance glass and a reading glass, or even a piano glass. Plumbers and electricians need a different reading distance. Or why not PRESCRIPTION SUN GLASSES 

When you go to checkout both glasses will be there.